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Name: Gail
Age: 31
Character: Richard B. Riddick
Contact: cacopheny @ gmail . com or throughoblivion on AIM

Backtagging: Joining a thread that's weeks old and hasn't been tagged on in ages, not so much; keeping playing in a thread that's been going for weeks, fine! ^^
Threadhopping: Organization is good, but if it makes sense, go for it.
Fourthwalling: He might think you're crazy, but if it's IC, have a blast.
Offensive Subjects: I'm cool with most things. I'm more about how offensive subjects are handled than the subjects themselves.

Hugging: Probably not, unless you're a child. In which case he might not throw you into a wall.
Fighting: As long as you don't mind that he'll take it seriously.
Injuring: Within reason, if it happens in-scene, and you're tough enough.
Killing: As long as he can respawn :) Though I prefer it to be for some kind of plot purposes.
Telepathy/Mind-Reading: You might not like what you find, and it might give you a headache to try, but go for it.
Relationships: It takes a lot to win over Riddick. Feel free to try, but he doesn't open up easily, so don't expect results unless you're one tough (and patient) babe.
Sex: Riddick likes him some sex, but as with relationships, he doesn't trust easily, and so it would take a lot of rp to get him to that point with anyone. If things progress to that level, though, the mun will fade to black rather than play it out.
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Questing sense: Magical intuition to help find important places to be at any given time. May be used once a week with mod guidance.
Mythobiology: An understanding of magical and mythological creatures of many kinds, not just from the Dolorosa Jaunt.
Emo-medi: Intensity of emotions, affects others' reactions. + Emotional weather S. Tech, creating weather to go along with emotions.
S. Tech mastery: convenient sensor, pie-flower-popcorn (creating food/flowers/small items on the spot), mascot pet (allowing the body horror demon to leave his body)
Lightcycle: a baton that expands into a light-decorated Harley.
Redirect energy: take energy from one place and funnel it out, unable to use it
Control panel: creating a small window if data and controls to monitor an area, play small games, store info (Grid, learned from Phillip)
Regeneration: Rapid healing from anything short of a death wound. It still hurts, though.
Interface: The ability to connect to a machine and learn from its data. Also works with a person who has at one time been a program, but it is difficult. (Grid, learned from Ambrose)
Eidetic Memory: The mental discipline of perfect recall. He practically had this already...
Eldritch Defense: Defensive knowledge against the Old Ones and their ilk. Someone who has studied Eldritch Defenses can identify whether a creature is Eldritch-aligned at a glance, and knows the general weaknesses of such creatures, though not in as specific detail as one who knows Eldritch Knowledge. They also can identify a site of a completed or ongoing Eldritch ritual, and how to stop a summoning. (Harrogate, learned from Leonardo)
Advanced Mnemonics: The ability to reconstruct and analyze memories, including curing amnesia, producing blueprints of locations visited, analyzing technology, investigating a scene for evidence - the ability to effectively be any place you have ever been, for as long as you need to be, in exquisite detail. (Lightning Age.)
Animal Communication: A Draculesti vampire trait, including both understanding animals and making himself understood by them, and calling animals to him. (Children of the Night)
Ritual Magic: The ability to scry, construct wards, dowse for water, bless or curse objects with good or bad luck, summoning or strengthening existing natural resources, channeling spirits, and mild hypnosis - but involving complex, time-consuming, and expensive rituals. Can be learned by anyone. (Children of the Night, taught by Liara)
Diabolin Form: The ability to take the form of a diabolin alien, which comes with it close-range empathic senses, hallucinations, and the inability to sleep-- plus really big horns. (Escape from Junkworld)
Jury-Rigging: The ability to make improvised repairs with improvisatory parts. This sort of creative engineering is unreliable, but can be performed quickly and without proper equipment in a wide variety of situations. Examples include patching together frayed wiring with bubblegum, or replacing a burned-out fuse with a paperclip. (Escape from Junkworld, taught by Claudia and Jaina)
Forge Blade: Craft a superb and lightly magical bladed weapon that permits connection to its bearer’s ancestral or clan legacy, augmenting whatever physical or magical skills the wielder or his family is particularly known for. The only exception to using it to create a blade was for himself, creating his forge hammer to channel his creativity through. (Code of Dishonor, plot skill)
Constructive Enlightenment: (info) (Grid, taught by Claudia)
Lightcycle Creation/Maintenance: (Grid, taught by Claudia)
Metal Elementalism: (Bando, taught by Rorschach)

Liminal Space
Portal Creation
Liminal Manipulation I, II
Room Creation I (taught by Claudia), II (from teaching Matthew)
Dimensional Senses
Portal Creation (Remote)
Intraliminal Skills (taught by Claudia)
Teleportation I
Object Portal (taught by Matthew)
Liminal Energy (worked out with Matthew and pre-Moebius Traveler help)
Liminal Power (taught by Matthew)
Extraliminal Tap (worked out with Gil's help)

Sensory livestreaming
Sensory eavesdropping
Psychic protection I, II
Psychic healing I, II
Image Projection
Mind Palace I, II
Telepathic Power
Psychic Detection I, II
Psychic Mute
Psychic Suppression
Network archive retrieval
Investigator mind-reading
Infiltrator Mind-reading
Memory Sharing
Memory Immersion
Memory Restoration
Infiltrator Knowledge
Infiltrator Persona

Arcana Skills
Favor of the Moon
Marked Harmony: When activated, maintain a constant psychic awareness of the direction, distance, liminal &/or location status of every Traveler Marked by the same Arcana.
Just a Phase: Once per Jaunt, reset all Infiltrators’ perceptions of you. They will perceive you as a different individual than you had been up to this point, unless repeated behaviors draw their attentions to the similarity (so if you attempt to rob a bank, get caught, and reset yourself as a new individual, attempting to rob the bank again will reveal you).
Marked Selection

Other Skills
Ship sailing: For vessels both large and small on the open sea. (Shoals)
Body horror: A lamprey-jawed, steel-colored cable demon who lives in his body, feeds on blood, and is surprisingly loyal, given it's... a demon. It can communicate empathically with him. (Harrogate)
Smithing: Riddick can create various things using fire, metal, tongs, a hammer, and an anvil. (Code of Dishonor)
Adamant Dagger: A Grecian knife made out of adamant(ium), a magical metal from ancient Greece (that Greece Jaunt)
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[image will go here once I find one]
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2014 Activity )

2015 Activity )

2016 )

January through June, 2017 )

July 2017
> July 11: [Walkabout] Nighttime at the Mall of Good and Evil: Riddick attempting to have fun and then working on skills
> July 11: Squint your eyes and no one dies or goes to jail (final walkabout mingle): Riddick leading on bounty hunters
> July 11: Here comes trouble: Riddick offering to help others with bounty hunter problems
> July 18: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Riddick in the return liminal
> July 18: On a clear day you can see forever (Jauntabout return): Riddick and Matthew talk skills
> July 24: I scream, you scream, we all scream (for intro mingles): Liara returns, Riddick tackle-hugs her
> July 24: I scream, you scream, we all scream (for intro mingles): Riddick smashes a few of his own fingers, oops

August 2017
> August 1: (no subject): Riddick and Matthew talk to another pre-Moebius vet
> August 1: Tea time won't be the same: Riddick exploring and teaching people about eldritch shit
> July 30: A Warning [Shortly after liminal change]: Riddick has noticed a liminal resemblance to a previous Jaunt
> August 1: A Very Important Safety Lesson: Riddick comments on other uses of liminal energy skills
> August 1: I see dead people: Riddick lets the new troll know that people don't stay dead here
> August 8: Somebody Calls You, You Answer Quite Slowly (Opening Jaunt Mingle): Riddick in Harrogate
> August 8: [Video]// Check-in Post for the living!: Riddick checking in that he's around and himself
> August 10: Somebody Calls You, You Answer Quite Slowly (Opening Jaunt Mingle): Riddick visits Vilari's (Valerie's) little shop
> August 10: Somebody Calls You, You Answer Quite Slowly (Opening Jaunt Mingle): Riddick visits Vilari at the funeral
> August 10: Somebody Calls You, You Answer Quite Slowly (Opening Jaunt Mingle): Riddick visits the museum, and the curator
> August 9: [Jaunt] Help: Riddick chimes in about Phillip the shadow-monster
> August 11: Whups time for another report: Riddick chimes in again about Phillip the shadow-monster
> August 9: warnings for many, many things: Riddick comes to give Phillip his memories back
> August 18: [Jaunt Mingle] Let me take you down...: Riddick in liminal when it changes, and then exploring the sinkhole
> August 23: [Jaunt Mingle] Let me take you down...: Riddick runs into Vilari in the theater
> August 18: [Regarding network and liminal shit | Harrogate, Lifeside]: Riddick commenting on the state of liminal space and the network
> August 18: warnings for many, many things: Riddick checking in on Phillip
> August 18: [Jaunt Mingle] Let me take you down...: Riddick and Matthew discuss the changes to liminal
> August 22: Death and all of his friends: Riddick and Matthew go on a liminal trip

> August 29: [Jaunt Mingle] Then The Door Was Opened, And The Wind Appeared: Riddick after the nightmares start
> August 29: [Jaunt] Early August 28th: Riddick offering help with sigils and protection
> September 6: [Jaunt Mingle] Then The Door Was Opened, And The Wind Appeared: Riddick helping to seal the magical side of the sinkhole
> September 12: Who in Mortal Chains, Who in Power, & Who shall I say is Calling? [Final Jaunt Mingle]: Riddick helping ghosts and prowling the danger zone
> September 11: [Lifeside]: Riddick chimes in to tell the kid to wait, and start planning
> September 13: Psychic Bridge II to everyone jauntside: Riddick says he's in for dealing with what Armin knows now
> September 13: Psychic Bridge II to everyone jauntside: Riddick reinforces warnings to Casper about the big bad
> September ?: HE THRUSTS HIS FISTS AGAINST THE POST AND STILL INSISTS HE SEES THE GHOSTS (Jaunt Showdown Mingle): Riddick helping with the outsider god
> September 16: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Riddick in liminal space after the evil has been defeated
> September 16: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Riddick finds a pair of sleeping wolves
> September 17: [Dungeon Rescue] Come, and let us forget that vision of our fate: Riddick with the others dungeon-divind after Bernkastel
> September 20: Feasting with Friends! Or just free food anyway: Riddick says hello to Alcuin at Malik's free food fest
> September 21: Lay down your weary tune (return mingle): Riddick talks about Moon with Laughs
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Gail
AGE: 32
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] itsananimalthing
CONTACT: PM itsananimalthing

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Richard B. Riddick
CANON: Chronicles of Riddick
POINT IN CANON: After the end of Riddick. I am only using movie canon, from the extended versions of the films, not video games.
AGE: Mid to late 30s

Details. )
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Mun info
▒ Handle/Name: Gail
▒ Contact: PM [personal profile] itsananimalthing
▒ Other Characters: None
▒ Proof of Established Activity: NA

Character Info
▒ Character Name: Richard B. Riddick
▒ Canon Name: Chronicles of Riddick
▒ Canon Point: Just after the end of Dark Fury, five years before Chronicles begins. I am only using movie canon, nothing from video games.
▒ Age: Mid 30s at a guess
▒ Appearance:

Details )
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Arena 04 (+100 to use) (+236 for activity)

Activity )

Arena 05 (+236 to use, -40 purchases) (+345 activity)

Activity )

Arena 06 (+345 to use, +75 activity)
> Capitol, Pre-arena: (no subject): Bothering a grumpy Alpha (+5, +5)
> Capitol, Pre-arena: Conference Room B: Lockdown: Riddick in the lockdown thread (+5, +5, +25)
> Capitol, Pre-arena: Conference Room B: Lockdown: Cinna's open thread in the lockdown (+5, +25)
> Capitol, Pre-arena: The Victor is...: Sharing a table with Don at the crowning (+5)


> Something with Wyatt
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Name: Gail
Other characters: Neeshka

Name: Richard B. Riddick
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
Canon point/AU: After the events of Pitch Black and Dark Fury, five years before Chronicles of Riddick
Journal: [personal profile] itsananimalthing


”Details.” )
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Week 5
> Day 1: Oh, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm: Theta's open comment in the plot log
> Day 1: Oh, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm: Riddick's open comment in the plot log (Ankh)
> Day 2: 013. Week 5, Day 2. Video: Beck's open post about awesome hotel rooms and dino meat
> Day 2: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D1 night to D3 morning | West side: Eliot's open log of cooking
> Day 3: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D3 afternoon | Golf Course: Eliot's resistance meeting, pre-meeting comment
> Day 3: [open] Week 5, Day 3 - Chiroptera!: Conrad (the bat) running away from a chicken, I mean dinosaur
> Day 4-6: Day 4-6: Riddick in the Jungle [OPEN]: Open log
> Day 5: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D4 to D7 | West end: Eliot Spencer's open log for patrolling post power outage

Week 6
> Day 2: 014. Backdated to Week 6, Day 2. Audio: Beck's open comment on the network
> Day 4: (no subject): Sherry Birkin is stuck in an air vent, and Riddick doesn't like her screaming

Week 7
> Hiatus

Week 8
> Days 1-4: A Convicted Murderer in Silent Hill (OPEN): Riddick explores Silent Hill
> Day 1: Fog World Exploration: Riddick meets Heather Mason
> Day 2: Fog World Exploration: Riddick meets Charles Xavier (the slightly crazy one)
> Day 5: these accidents of faith and nature: Robert Capa's open post in the theater
> Day 6: Hunting [Seriously backdated, Week 8, Day 6]: Riddick's monsterfication in Silent Hill

Week 9
> Day 3: day 3 week 9: Sherry's open log of looking for people
> Day 5: Late night wandering: Marion's wandering the ship at night
> Day 6-7: Full Moon Fever: Marion's full moon changing

Week 10
> Day 2: Won't you be my neighbor? [OPEN]: Charles' group for rebellion plans

* Kraken attack: Eliot, Marion, Ashley
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-Day 23-
~(untitled): Anders' open log
~It's a nuclear show and the stars are gone: Amy Pond's open log

-Day 24-
~Breakfast?: Open with Eliot Spencer
~Backdated Day 24, Night: Eliot Spencer's open log, open to others
~(untitled): Richter Abend's open log
~[ A U D I O ] Day 24 Evening: Tavros Nitram's open post
~ELEVEN ♫ VOICE [Day 24, NIGHT]: Kasuka Heiwajima's open post

-Day 25-
~Shallow Cuts [Open]: Alexis Windsor's open log
~computo file 002 [video | day 25]: Brainiac 5's open post

-Day 26-
~[Open] Who let the dogs out?: Eliot's open log, sparring
~[Open] Who let the dogs out?: Eliot's open log, Pepper's comment and rib-smashing
~[Open!] An introspective intermission for interminable interludes.: Karkat's open log
~[Closed] Some Troll Kids Talk Too Much: Closed log with Tavros

-Day 27-
~4th Job [Anon Audio] - Day 27, Night: Eliot Spencer's open post
~Brotherhood Cooperation Meeting of Mutants and Non-Mutants.: Erik's open log, Riddick's pre-meeting mingling comment
~Brotherhood Cooperation Meeting of Mutants and Non-Mutants.: Erik's open log, Raven's post-meeting loitering comment

-Day 28-
~event five | jinxed things ringing as they leak: Laughing Beauty's open comment
~event five | jinxed things ringing as they leak: Beck's open comment
~event five | jinxed things ringing as they leak: Hauling Misa's ass to the tunnels
~event five | jinxed things ringing as they leak: Rescuing Enzan's ass

-Day 29-
~Such Cute Puppies: Black Saw and Dead Master's open log
~Who wants to eat...: Eliot's open log

-Day 30-
~Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work we go: Equius's open log, West Dorms

-Day 31-
~Moody Riddick Is Moody [OPEN]: Riddick's open log (Eliot)

-Day 32
~OPEN: Sheva Alomar's open log
~(day 32 ; text ; anonymous.): Cross Marian's open post
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CHARACTER NAME: Richard B. Riddick
SERIES: Chronicles of Riddick
CANON POINT: After the end of Pitch Black and Dark Fury, and before Chronicles of Riddick begins. I am only using movie canon.
AGE: Mid to late 30s

Details. )


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