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A sizeable chunk of Richard Riddick's time in Sartmatia has not been spent in the city or at the kurgan or even at Liara's manor. Most of it has been spent prowling the suburbs, the farms and country homes beyond the busier city streets, and the untamed forests and mountain paths. So this evening, true to type, he's out with a snake coiled about his neck, a grumpy badger sniffing around his heels as he walks, and a barn cat bounding ahead and back.

The sound of a full kennel has him angling for one homestead, curiously, listening to what the dogs howling and barking inside are saying. It does send the barn cat running, of course, but his snake-friend is too old to care about stupid dogs, and the badger too gruff to worry about it. She can look after herself. What Riddick is hearing in those howls, though, is not making him feel at all happy to just walk on by. Those are not happy dogs, not any of them, and...

... and that bark is not an animal. What the hell?

He doesn't even bother hopping the fence. He melds into the ground outside the farmstead, and climbs back up out of it in the middle of the forest of kennels, his two animal friends swimming through the earth with him. Any light in the yard falls on a dirty, hooded, knee-length coat wrapped around a hulking form, face mostly hidden but framed by dredlocks, and hands that end in long, sturdy, but not terribly sharp claws. They look, really, more like dog claws than cat claws.
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