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Name: Gail
Other characters: Neeshka

Name: Richard B. Riddick
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
Canon point/AU: After the events of Pitch Black and Dark Fury, five years before Chronicles of Riddick
Journal: [personal profile] itsananimalthing


> Riddick-specific wiki page. I am only using the history revealed in the movies, not video games or novels.

Riddick was born on the planet Furya in the space-faring age. All he knows about his parentage was that someone-- he presumes his mother or father, though later events prove that it was an aspiring Necromonger warlord-- tried to strangle him with his own umbilical cord and tossed him in a dumpster, presuming him dead or assuming he would be, eventually. Somehow, he survived.

Not much is known about Riddick from between that point, and the point where he escapes from Butcher Bay, a triple-max security prison. What is known is that he had military training, teaching him how to use a variety of weapons, and pilot training, quite likely from the military, as well. He killed a few people-- whether inside or outside that military, he doesn't say. And he got thrown into a "no-daylight slam", a prison where he's told he'll never see sunlight again, where he had a "surgical shine job" done on his eyes, allowing him to see in the dark but making him sensitive to light. He escaped from that prison and has been in a few more since then, enough that he knows the prison system well enough to comment on the amenities of any one mentioned. The most recent of those was Butcher Bay.

With mercs-- mercenary bounty hunters-- on his tail, he was finally captured by one named William Johns, who took the "ghost lanes", or commercial shipping tracks where people are shipped in cryo-sleep like cargo, to bring him back, posing as a law official. The commercial space-ship crash-landed on a desert planet called Hades and Riddick escaped, at least temporarily. He was given his freedom for good again in exchange for helping the survivors escape the planet when they learned that it was inhabited by hungry, night-dwelling monsters-- and that "night" was finally upon them, after twenty-two years of sunlight from the three-sun system.

Riddick got them out... but only with encouragement from the docking officer and only remaining crewman, Carolyn Fry. The group of survivors was whittled down by monsters and in one case Riddick himself-- when the merc Johns suggested using the one child in the band, Jack, as bait to keep the monsters off their back, Riddick wounded him and left him as the "bait" instead-- to a Muslim imam or priest, Fry, Jack, and Riddick himself. Seeing no way to get them all across the last stretch of darkness when it started to rain and destroyed their light, Riddick sealed them in a cave behind a rock and left for the escape shuttle, himself. Fry followed him and, after having a change of heart herself, convinced him to go back for them, as well, almost entirely through the strength of that change of heart.

Only Riddick, the imam, and Jack actually escaped the planet. Riddick was attacked while saving the others, and Fry died going back for him. He made sure to kill as many of the monsters with the igniting engines of the escape shuttle, before they left.

After that, an encounter or two with mercs on the way, and a lot more killing to get away from those mercs, Riddick got the priest and Jack safely to Helion Prime and New Mecca-- and then he left. As he told Fry, he didn't think he knew how to rejoin humanity again, and he didn't want to have to keep killing just to keep his freedom-- plus, he didn't want Jack following his ways, as she seemed perfectly willing and eager to do. Without him, he reasoned, she would settle down again. So he disappeared, and did his best to stay disappeared.

Big and strong, Riddick is well-muscled and obviously tough. He has a closely-shaved head, an equally clean-shaven face, thin brows, and a broad nose and wide mouth that looks like it might smile as easily as frown. More often than not, he wears a pair of darkly tinted goggles over his eyes, protecting his eyes from the light. When the goggles are removed, it shows that his eyes have no visible pupil or iris, but have a strongly reflective quality, like a cat's. He walks like a man who carries at least one weapon at all times, even when those weapons have been taken away, and dresses casually but in a way that won't interfere with his movement, with the one constant being that he favors sturdy boots.

In expression and outward appearance, Riddick has a military bearing and demeanor waffling with jaunty irreverence and an angry desire to see others brought as low as he has been brought-- though only the latter is likely to show in the Capitol. He’s too angry at being used and enslaved, and keeps mostly to a deadpan that gives little away, particularly with those goggles on. They protect his eyes from light, but they also help give him a more intimidating look (not that he really needs it) and keep his expression more opaque under the best of circumstances

Riddick doesn’t talk much, particularly with the people in charge, but when he does he has a deep, gravely voice and, should he actually laugh, it sounds more like a growling bark than a laugh. He’s got a filthy mouth, and a tendency to mock people, particularly when they seem afraid of him.

Riddick is not a kind, compassionate person. He is not a hero. He is not even very nice. What he is, is out for himself and maybe anyone else who can keep up with him. Sometimes people will care about him, and he might even seem to return the favor, but if anyone becomes a liability he has no qualms about cutting them loose-- and if anyone betrays him, he also has no qualms about exacting revenge. He does not trust easily, and is still careful even if he puts a little trust in someone. There are few, if any, he would call friend, and he honestly prefers it that way. It makes things less complicated, not having anyone besides himself to worry about.

But none of that means Riddick is not capable of kindness, compassion, heroism, or even being a little nice now and then. There is about Riddick, in fact, something almost old-fashioned. He comes across as almost chivalrous, with a nod to honor when it doesn't cause him too much trouble, a healthy hatred for people who kill out of greed rather than need, a love of freedom, and a respect for the rights of others... in his own fashion, anyway. It isn't enough to make him go out of his way to help anyone he doesn't feel deserves it, and it certainly isn't enough to make him put up with someone putting him in danger when he could be saving his own skin, but he does have the capacity and sometimes the motivation. He has never been particularly vicious or gratuitous in his violence, keeping it to what he deems necessary-- which is, admittedly, more than what most people might deem necessary-- and he is capable of working with people, as long as they respect him and aren't a threat to him. He makes a point of not hurting the harmless, and will sometimes go out of his way to protect them. Sometimes. Children, in particular, he has a bit of a soft spot for.

Whenever he has a goal in mind-- which, really, is most of the time-- Riddik is dedicated and disciplined, and as patient as he needs to be to get what he wants. He has such a strength of will, in fact, that he managed to resist (in future events from the current timeline) having his soul taken by an astral-powered Necromonger lord. This gives him powerful resistance to mind-control abilities. He is highly intelligent and highly observant, able to piece correct conclusions, accurate predictions, and intricate plans together from very little information. He is an excellent judge of character and even manages to be good at math-- he accurately estimated the depth of a prison entrance shaft by counting the support beams in the tunnel and adding up the distance. There is rarely a time when his brain is not working on something.

Riddick takes attitude from no one, taking refuge in sarcasm and rather enjoying scaring people, on the whole he's used to being spit on by the more "respectable" members of society, even while they're afraid of him. In the end, really, all Riddick really craves is to be left alone, and free-- he's too used to killing, too used to living with no one else to care about, to want to have to take up civilization again, and really, he's okay with that. But as trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes, he hasn't had much luck with getting what he wants or keeping from killing people.


Riddick rescues a kid stuck in an air vent, who was being attacked by raw, rotting meat.


Riddick stood in the middle of that bright room, his goggles down over his eyes, and stared up impassively at the balcony full of old men in slick suits like something out of an ancient vid from Earth. They stared back at him. After a moment of frustrated-feeling silence, they started turning away and murmuring amongst themselves. This one had nothing to show, they told themselves. He looked impressive, but he wasn’t going to show them anything.

Quite honestly, Riddick didn’t want to show them anything. He was trapped again, stuck on some new world that didn’t have space travel but did have one-way interdimensional portals, apparently forced to fight other people to the temporary death for entertainment. Everything in him wanted to rebell. Even the part that wanted to show them something just to wipe those bored expressions off their face was stymied by not wanting to play by their rules, and “their rules” said “impress them”. Maybe he could scare them a little, instead. The force-field kept him away from them, but....

Once they were all ignoring him, or most of them anyway, Riddick unbent a little to wander over to the wall, casually examining it. He found what he wanted, and the lights in the training room went dark. There were a few startled noises from the balcony. By the time someone had come in to turn the lights back on again, Riddick was leaning casually on the far wall, arms crossed and eyes shining a little in the light, but the combat dummies had been deftly and silently beheaded, the sandbags split open to spill sand on the floor, and the knives that had done it put neatly away. He unfolded to pull his goggles back down over his eyes again, hiding the shine.

“Now you gonna let me get outa here, or what?”

What is your character scored:
Riddick probably deserves an 11 or 12. He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s fast. He’s a practiced murderer and a hunter, he knows how to handle weapons of nearly all kinds, he’s got mad nature survival skills, and he has this weird charisma that attracts the innocent. Plus, he can see in the dark, with surgically altered vision focused more on heat and motion than detail and color. His only real weaknesses are to light, his intense desire for freedom, and in the fact that he refuses to play by the rules.


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