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Week 5
> Day 1: Oh, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm: Theta's open comment in the plot log
> Day 1: Oh, a drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm: Riddick's open comment in the plot log (Ankh)
> Day 2: 013. Week 5, Day 2. Video: Beck's open post about awesome hotel rooms and dino meat
> Day 2: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D1 night to D3 morning | West side: Eliot's open log of cooking
> Day 3: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D3 afternoon | Golf Course: Eliot's resistance meeting, pre-meeting comment
> Day 3: [open] Week 5, Day 3 - Chiroptera!: Conrad (the bat) running away from a chicken, I mean dinosaur
> Day 4-6: Day 4-6: Riddick in the Jungle [OPEN]: Open log
> Day 5: [OPEN ] ► Week 5 - D4 to D7 | West end: Eliot Spencer's open log for patrolling post power outage

Week 6
> Day 2: 014. Backdated to Week 6, Day 2. Audio: Beck's open comment on the network
> Day 4: (no subject): Sherry Birkin is stuck in an air vent, and Riddick doesn't like her screaming

Week 7
> Hiatus

Week 8
> Days 1-4: A Convicted Murderer in Silent Hill (OPEN): Riddick explores Silent Hill
> Day 1: Fog World Exploration: Riddick meets Heather Mason
> Day 2: Fog World Exploration: Riddick meets Charles Xavier (the slightly crazy one)
> Day 5: these accidents of faith and nature: Robert Capa's open post in the theater
> Day 6: Hunting [Seriously backdated, Week 8, Day 6]: Riddick's monsterfication in Silent Hill

Week 9
> Day 3: day 3 week 9: Sherry's open log of looking for people
> Day 5: Late night wandering: Marion's wandering the ship at night
> Day 6-7: Full Moon Fever: Marion's full moon changing

Week 10
> Day 2: Won't you be my neighbor? [OPEN]: Charles' group for rebellion plans

* Kraken attack: Eliot, Marion, Ashley
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