Jul. 10th, 2015

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Questing sense: Magical intuition to help find important places to be at any given time. May be used once a week with mod guidance.
Mythobiology: An understanding of magical and mythological creatures of many kinds, not just from the Dolorosa Jaunt.
Emo-medi: Intensity of emotions, affects others' reactions. + Emotional weather S. Tech, creating weather to go along with emotions.
S. Tech mastery: convenient sensor, pie-flower-popcorn (creating food/flowers/small items on the spot), mascot pet (allowing the body horror demon to leave his body)
Lightcycle: a baton that expands into a light-decorated Harley.
Redirect energy: take energy from one place and funnel it out, unable to use it
Control panel: creating a small window if data and controls to monitor an area, play small games, store info (Grid, learned from Phillip)
Regeneration: Rapid healing from anything short of a death wound. It still hurts, though.
Interface: The ability to connect to a machine and learn from its data. Also works with a person who has at one time been a program, but it is difficult. (Grid, learned from Ambrose)
Eidetic Memory: The mental discipline of perfect recall. He practically had this already...
Eldritch Defense: Defensive knowledge against the Old Ones and their ilk. Someone who has studied Eldritch Defenses can identify whether a creature is Eldritch-aligned at a glance, and knows the general weaknesses of such creatures, though not in as specific detail as one who knows Eldritch Knowledge. They also can identify a site of a completed or ongoing Eldritch ritual, and how to stop a summoning. (Harrogate, learned from Leonardo)
Advanced Mnemonics: The ability to reconstruct and analyze memories, including curing amnesia, producing blueprints of locations visited, analyzing technology, investigating a scene for evidence - the ability to effectively be any place you have ever been, for as long as you need to be, in exquisite detail. (Lightning Age.)
Animal Communication: A Draculesti vampire trait, including both understanding animals and making himself understood by them, and calling animals to him. (Children of the Night)
Ritual Magic: The ability to scry, construct wards, dowse for water, bless or curse objects with good or bad luck, summoning or strengthening existing natural resources, channeling spirits, and mild hypnosis - but involving complex, time-consuming, and expensive rituals. Can be learned by anyone. (Children of the Night, taught by Liara)
Diabolin Form: The ability to take the form of a diabolin alien, which comes with it close-range empathic senses, hallucinations, and the inability to sleep-- plus really big horns. (Escape from Junkworld)
Jury-Rigging: The ability to make improvised repairs with improvisatory parts. This sort of creative engineering is unreliable, but can be performed quickly and without proper equipment in a wide variety of situations. Examples include patching together frayed wiring with bubblegum, or replacing a burned-out fuse with a paperclip. (Escape from Junkworld, taught by Claudia and Jaina)
Forge Blade: Craft a superb and lightly magical bladed weapon that permits connection to its bearer’s ancestral or clan legacy, augmenting whatever physical or magical skills the wielder or his family is particularly known for. The only exception to using it to create a blade was for himself, creating his forge hammer to channel his creativity through. (Code of Dishonor, plot skill)
Constructive Enlightenment: (info) (Grid, taught by Claudia)
Lightcycle Creation/Maintenance: (Grid, taught by Claudia)
Metal Elementalism: (Bando, taught by Rorschach)

Liminal Space
Portal Creation
Liminal Manipulation I, II
Room Creation I (taught by Claudia), II (from teaching Matthew)
Dimensional Senses
Portal Creation (Remote)
Intraliminal Skills (taught by Claudia)
Teleportation I
Object Portal (taught by Matthew)
Liminal Energy (worked out with Matthew and pre-Moebius Traveler help)
Liminal Power (taught by Matthew)
Extraliminal Tap (worked out with Gil's help)

Sensory livestreaming
Sensory eavesdropping
Psychic protection I, II
Psychic healing I, II
Image Projection
Mind Palace I, II
Telepathic Power
Psychic Detection I, II
Psychic Mute
Psychic Suppression
Network archive retrieval
Investigator mind-reading
Infiltrator Mind-reading
Memory Sharing
Memory Immersion
Memory Restoration
Infiltrator Knowledge
Infiltrator Persona

Arcana Skills
Favor of the Moon
Marked Harmony: When activated, maintain a constant psychic awareness of the direction, distance, liminal &/or location status of every Traveler Marked by the same Arcana.
Just a Phase: Once per Jaunt, reset all Infiltrators’ perceptions of you. They will perceive you as a different individual than you had been up to this point, unless repeated behaviors draw their attentions to the similarity (so if you attempt to rob a bank, get caught, and reset yourself as a new individual, attempting to rob the bank again will reveal you).
Marked Selection

Other Skills
Ship sailing: For vessels both large and small on the open sea. (Shoals)
Body horror: A lamprey-jawed, steel-colored cable demon who lives in his body, feeds on blood, and is surprisingly loyal, given it's... a demon. It can communicate empathically with him. (Harrogate)
Smithing: Riddick can create various things using fire, metal, tongs, a hammer, and an anvil. (Code of Dishonor)
Adamant Dagger: A Grecian knife made out of adamant(ium), a magical metal from ancient Greece (that Greece Jaunt)


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