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Name: Gail
Age: 31
Character: Richard B. Riddick
Contact: cacopheny @ gmail . com or throughoblivion on AIM

Backtagging: Joining a thread that's weeks old and hasn't been tagged on in ages, not so much; keeping playing in a thread that's been going for weeks, fine! ^^
Threadhopping: Organization is good, but if it makes sense, go for it.
Fourthwalling: He might think you're crazy, but if it's IC, have a blast.
Offensive Subjects: I'm cool with most things. I'm more about how offensive subjects are handled than the subjects themselves.

Hugging: Probably not, unless you're a child. In which case he might not throw you into a wall.
Fighting: As long as you don't mind that he'll take it seriously.
Injuring: Within reason, if it happens in-scene, and you're tough enough.
Killing: As long as he can respawn :) Though I prefer it to be for some kind of plot purposes.
Telepathy/Mind-Reading: You might not like what you find, and it might give you a headache to try, but go for it.
Relationships: It takes a lot to win over Riddick. Feel free to try, but he doesn't open up easily, so don't expect results unless you're one tough (and patient) babe.
Sex: Riddick likes him some sex, but as with relationships, he doesn't trust easily, and so it would take a lot of rp to get him to that point with anyone. If things progress to that level, though, the mun will fade to black rather than play it out.
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